About us:
We make handmade footwear based first on quality and confort, so we do not skip on any element that improves our products. We think that the most important thing in footwear is to be made the old-fashioned way: the older it looks, the more beautiful and comfortable it is. That's why we are looking for our products to be principally comfortable and have some sort of old-fashioned taste, right from the start. To achieve all of this, we work with the best leather materials getting a great vintage style. Our aim is to sell the footwear for its quality and style and not only because of the brand itself.

About Product:
We produce classical footwear applying ancient, traditional and manual methods, using the best materials. Even though this has a direct impact in price, the quality and elegance of our products will never be compromised. Our goal is that our shoes are sold for their style and quality.

About Distributions:
As opposed to large retail stores or malls, we would rather prefer working with more exclusive stores who can appreciate our products, develop our collections and keep up with our pace. As a worldwide company, our policy is that the end user price of our products will be identical everywhere.

About Packaging:
We deliver our shoes in wood boxes, giving our products a unique selling and branding style.